Fountains of Wisdom Book

Extraordinary Stories of Ordinary Men

A book produced by the Fountains of Franklin to honor
Veterans of WWII and the Korean War
who have called the Fountains their ‘home.’

“These men refused to allow us to call them heroes. They are ordinary men who never wished to be singled out or rewarded or celebrated for doing what they considered to be their duty to their country. ”
-Ricki Keckley

Very soon, there will no longer be any living veterans from what has been called “The Good War.”
Don’t let time pass without hearing what they have to say.

Video below shows the stories and interviews of our veterans who fought for our country.

“May I suggest you find a comfortable chair with a good light and a pair of reading glasses, settle in, and get to know the storytellers in this book, page by page, hero by hero.”
-Jimmy Gentry

For more information on how to purchase a copy of Fountains of Wisdom, call 615-567-3717.
Books can be shipped anywhere within the United States.